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The resident portal allows current residents to do the following:

  • View current balances
  • Pay rent and other fees
  • Request Maintenance (submit the time and day you are available for faster service after reading the maintenance guidelines, troubleshooting and preparing for your appointment)
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How to- Prepare for your Appointment guide

Maintenance Request Guidelines
All maintenance requests need to be submitted through the tenant login portal, please advise us about your

Only maintenance emergencies will be taken over the phone. After hours, use our voice mail
system and follow the maintenance emergency prompts.

Follow the guideline to avoid a maintenance charge.
Emergency Calls are defined as anything relating to the property under the lease that is threatening to life,
health or the integrity of the property.

• Fire: Call the Fire Department immediately
• Break in on property: Call 911(Police) immediately.

Then contact us at 844-707-3773 x 9.

Please also provide us with the report.

A/C Repair: A/C is NOT considered an emergency. A/C system is designed to accommodate up to 20
degrees difference between outside temperature and inside temperature for your unit to work at optimal
output. You will need to change your filters every month. For optimal performance set temperature to
77-79 and keep fan on auto. Check the breakers and replace the thermostat batteries before asking for
AC Tune Up: Performed every 6 months and is mandatory.

Tenants will be contacted for arrangements for someone to be home.
Clogged Toilet or Drains: Use a drain cleaner and/or plunger before calling us. If there are roots in the
line or something is physically wrong with the plumbing, then contact us. Please only flush toilet paper
down the toilet. Please do not flush anything down toilet.
Pipe Broken/leak/toilet running: Turn off water valve to pipe or exterior water main until contractor
arrives. We are not responsible for any portion of your water bill.
Broken Doorknob, Lock or Window: Call only if it prevents resident from properly securing unit.
Residents should wait to contact office until regular business hours if temporary measures can be taken.
Lock: Use WD 40 on lock before contacting us.
No Hot Water: Call us after you have checked the breakers and have tried multiple faucets.
No Water: Check valves, call water company or if in an HOA call HOA.
No Electricity: Call us after the following has been checked. 1) Check breakers by flipping all of them
to OFF position and then back to ON position. 2) Reset ALL GFI circuits in the house. 3) Call electric
company to assure there are no outages. If a wall switch or outlet begins to smoke or smell remove all
plugged-in appliances and turn off switch if necessary. CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT.
Appliance Issues: Call us after you have checked the breakers and outlets. Refrigerator, please remove
the dust on the coils in the back. Dishwasher please clean the drain lines. Garbage, disposal please make
sure nothing is stuck and reset the garbage disposal. Ice maker, did you replace the filter? We do not fix appliances you own.
Garage door: Check the breakers, replace the batteries in remote before submitting a maintenance request.
Water pressure: Remove the aerator from faucet soak in vinegar for 3 hours then put back in.
If you live in HOA community: Call them first for leaks, pest control, water issues, exterior. Please also let us know when it is done so.
Disturbance from neighbors: Please call police or 911. Please also let us know.

Non-Emergency, Routine Maintenance-The following are non-emergencies calls:
• Locking self out of house: call a locksmith, replace the locks at your own expense. We do not keep copies of keys.
Non-working appliances (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave)
• Pest Control
A/C Repair: A/C is NOT considered an emergency
*** Partial outages Do NOT constitute as an emergency!
***10 Stars and the owners represented are not responsible for alternative lodging due to any outages.
10 Stars is not responsible for repair/replacement of: batteries, lightbulbs, filters of any kind, outlet cover plate, toilet seat and blinds. If 10 Stars repairs/replaces any of these it will be at tenant cost.
*** 10 Stars nor the owners represented are not responsible for any loss of food.

Preparing for your appointment

  • A 24-hour notice is required prior to a scheduled appointment to cancel. If you are not home at time of service provider arrival you will incur a charge 

  • At service provider time of arrival, an adult over 18 years old has to be present or the home has to be completely vacant 

  • All pets and small children will be safe and secured away during arrival & service time by service provider

  • Have a secure and readily available space for service provider to park their vehicle

  • Water, gas and elecric services are on for service provider arrival