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A Guide to the Types of Containers for Container Gardening in Tampa Bay, FL

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It can be rather daunting to choose a container for your apartment garden. Just about anything can be used for garden planters if they’re big enough, have ample drainage and they’re made from material that is food grade. However, you should remember that when you are choosing a big container, it’s going to be a […]

4 Common Container Garden Mistakes in Tampa Bay, Florida

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To round out our series on apartment indoor gardens, we’re going to look at some mistakes that many people make when it comes to container gardens. Putting Filler Material in the Bottom of Big Containers There are a lot of ideas on the Internet for the things that you can fill large containers with. The […]

Tampa Bay Apartment Bedrooms & Bathrooms – Tips for Creating Storage Space


When you move from a house to an apartment, one of the things that you know is that you are going to have a lot less space that you might be accustomed to. So we are going to look at some tips that you can use to make more room in your apartment in your […]

7 Tips for Maximizing Counter Space in Your Tampa Bay Apartment


One of the biggest problems with apartment living is usually the lack of counter space that you have. That’s why we have come up with some ingenious ways that you can increase your counter space and give yourself more room to work. And the best part is, these work in houses as well as apartments. […]