A Guide to the Types of Containers for Container Gardening in Tampa Bay, FL

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It can be rather daunting to choose a container for your apartment garden. Just about anything can be used for garden planters if they’re big enough, have ample drainage and they’re made from material that is food grade. However, you should remember that when you are choosing a big container, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to maintain. The soil inside will be a lot moister. Generally, don’t bother with any containers that aren’t at least a foot across.

Let’s look at the different types of containers.

Wooden Container

These types of containers look great when you are growing vegetables. You also can find them that are the right size at a price that is affordable. You also can make wooden planters yourself. However, they might start rotting after 3-4 seasons.

Self-watering Container

When you grow vegetables in these kinds of containers, it works pretty well. They’re large, very durable and simple to use. they make it a lot easier to water your plants since you just need to keep their water reservoirs full.

Ceramic Container

It’s also possible to use a glazed ceramic or food-grade plastic container. It’s also possible ot use pots made of terra cotta. However, these make it hard to keep the plants moist inside them. The reason is because clay allows the water to evaporate from your soil much easier. To help with solving this issue, it’s possible to line it with plastic, place a plastic pot inside the pot, or seal it using a product for stone sealing.

DIY Container

If you’re looking for an inexpensive container option for your garden, you can buy 5-gallon buckets from your local hardware store, then drill bottoms into them at their bottom. You also can look for things around your house to use, such as old laundry baskets or toy chests. If it’s large enough and has ample drainage, anything can be used.

We hope that you have found this to be helpful. Whether you are keeping your plants inside or you are putting your garden outside on your apartment patio or balcony, you want to make sur that you have enough space in your containers and that they have good drainage. This way you can have fresh vegetables for you and your family to enjoy even though you live in an apartment. Our final post in this 4-part series for gardening in an apartment will be common mistakes in container gardening.

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