3 Tips for Being a Great Tenant


So, you’re ready to move out and get your own place. Congratulations! You’ll be dealing with a landlord, and this is different than living with your parents. But if you are a good tenant, things will go well. Below are three tips you can use to be a tenant your landlord will love.

Read the Lease & Ask Questions

When you are renting an apartment, it will be your responsibility to thoroughly read the lease and ask any questions that you have. You don’t want to sign the lease to rent the apartment and then realize that you can’t tap dance at midnight when tap dancing is your favorite thing to do at midnight. Yes, that’s a ridiculous example but hey, stranger things have happened.

You want to understand its terms and realize what is allowed and what isn’t.  Understanding its terms is going to make sure you don’t do something that is against the rules and that you don’t break your lease. Most of them will discuss how much money is due each month and when it’s due, the amount of your security deposit, pet rules and more.

Make Sure Your Rent’s Paid on Time

This should go without saying. But your landlord shouldn’t have to chase you for your rent. Your landlord will appreciate you when you’re paying your rent each month on time so that they won’t have to track you down or chase after you. When you miss a rent payment, you might be evicted. So you want to pay it on the day it’s due.

If you find one month where you are having trouble and might be a bit short, talk with your landlord. It’s possible they will work out a solution that will help you. But just make sure that you are being honest with them.

Don’t Break the Terms of Your Lease

Remember the thing that we said up there about reading your lease and asking questions? This right here is why you need to do that. If you have read your lease, you know the rules and you are expected to follow them. Following your lease’s rules also will help you have a good tenant/landlord relationship. For instance, you move into an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, but you decide you want a cat or dog. It’s not a good idea to sneak one in. You’ll be breaking the lease and could be evicted.

These are just three things that you can do to help you be a great tenant. It’s simple –  just make sure that you are following the rules in your lease. And, if you have a problem, be up front with your landlord. When you are a stellar tenant, your landlord will be much more willing to cut you some slack when you run into hard times, because they will want to keep you around. Respect your landlord and the other tenants, and you are sure to have a successful and happy life at your apartment.