3 Security Tips for Landlords in Tampa Bay


When you are a landlord, whether you have an apartment complex or you are renting out a home, one of the things you want to do is make sure that everything is safe. Having a property that’s safe and secure not only protects your tenants but it also protects you.

Below are three tips that you can use to help make sure that your property is safe and that your tenants are safe as well.

Secure Main Entrances

The majority of entrance doors come with deadbolts. Even though you can use deadbolts that are single cylinder or double cylinder, the double is the better choice since it offers more security. If the main entrance’s close to a window, having that double cylinder can stop thieves from opening the door by reaching through your window.

It’s also a good idea to install solid wood or metal doors. It’s better to avoid doors that are hollow wood or that have windows in them since they’re easier to break. Solid doors are ideal for fully protecting your property.

Check the Security of Windows

The majority of windows have locking mechanisms to prevent them from getting opened while someone’s outside. That being said, in most of the cases, burglars are able to break windows easily and either climb through them or unlock them.  This risk can be combated by putting some locks on the windows. If a burglar sees the locks, chances are that they may think twice about breaking in.

It’s also possible to put window sensors in that send alarms if the window’s been tampered with. There are even some that will send alerts to your phone. This way you know immediately when the security of your property’s been breached.

Property Managers are a Great Asset

Maintaining your property will ensure that your renters are satisfied. This can be really hard if you’re not close to the property, are working full time or you just don’t have the necessary time for performing regular upkeep. Property managers can help you greatly and deter the wood-be burglars. The reason for this is because there’s always someone present on your property and monitoring it.

Your property manager can also screen tenants, keep watch on your area and maintain your location. This will help with simplifying your life since they handle the daily work that can be very time-consuming.

These are three things that you can do to help make your rental property a bit more safe and secure for your tenants and to give you some extra peace of mind as a landlord. If you are interested in having a property manager come and help you in Tampa Bay, we have many years of experience helping landlords such as yourself. Give us a call today and let us tell you what we can do for you. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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