4 Landscaping Tips for Landlords in Tampa Bay

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As a landlord of an apartment complex, one of the things you want to do is to present a beautiful landscape for your tenants to enjoy. The landscape should also help ensure their safety and be simple for you to maintain. Below are four tips that you can use to make it awesome for you and your tenants.

Install Some Exterior Lighting

It’s important as a landlord to make sure that you are keeping your property well lit. not only is this due to safety issues, but it also will encourage potential tenants to look at your property more carefully as a place to live. Update exterior lights with walkway and parking lot lights. This will brighten up the property and show people that it’s well maintained. If your lighting is already high quality, make sure your fixtures are kept cleaned and well maintained.

Keep Everything Low Maintenance & Simple

It’s so important to protect the environment. Using landscaping designs that are eco-friendly isn’t just going to help with conserving the environment, it also will help you with providing a property that’s simple for you to maintain and beautiful.

Rain gardens are a great way to do this. These are effective and beautiful ways to reduce the runoff that your property has. This can be done with flood-resistant, rustic plants and deep, loosely packed soils.

You can also do this by planting groundcover rather than plants. This doesn’t require any pesticides or herbicides, no mowing, and no extra watering.

Plant Native or Local Shrubs

Look for the flora that’s native to your area when you are selecting trees and plants for your property. This will help with preserving biodiversity and help you with saving money over time. They won’t need a lot of pesticides, fertilizers and supplemental watering like nonnative plants would. They also are going to give a habitat for butterflies, birds and other local wildlife.

Keep an Area Just for Pets

If you are a pet friendly apartment complex, create an area that is just for your tenants to take their pets. This can be done by marking an area using some timber or by putting a fence around it. You also want to use pea gravel or sand pebbles for covering the section. Steer clear of the larger stones since they could hurt the paws of pets. When you do this, it will help   ensure the grass and other plants aren’t suffering from the urine and that it’s much easier to scoop the solids.

These are four things that you can do to help your apartment landscape be enjoyable for your tenants and workable for you. it will help ensure that you are a presenting a beautiful, safe outdoor space for your tenants to enjoy and that you are thinking of their needs.

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