4 Upgrades to Your Tampa Bay Apartment to Bring in Renters

kitchen picture

One of the hardest things when you have an apartment complex is when you have empty apartment units. That’s why you want to know some of the best things that you can do to help encourage people to come in and rent one of your apartments. Below are four upgrades that are worth doing to bring renters in.


After you’ve given a long-vacant unit a new paint job, one of the best ways that you can get it rented faster is to upgrade the kitchen. Kitchens are some of the most sought-after upgrades that potential renters look for. Appliances that are energy saving are going to make a great impression.

If you have enough in your budget, replace the countertop and paint cabinets. This will make the kitchen look chic. Select shades that are going to complement each other and make the kitchen look brighter. For example, if the countertop is dark you want to make the cabinets lighter.


Another thing that people look at once they’ve looked at the kitchen is the durability of the flooring. They also want to make sure that it’s going to be simple to clean. Since flooring is important, it’s agreed that surfaces such as tile, vinyl and wood will give the best value. Carpeting, since it’s hard to keep clean, is in the bottom of the list.

Energy-saving Appliances

As mentioned above, a lot of potential renters are going to look for appliances that are energy efficient. This is particularly important if the renters have to pay their own electric bill, but it’s also a good idea if electric is included in rent since it will help you save money.

Faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads are also a good idea to cut down on water usage. The long-term benefits are going to outweigh the costs.

Exterior details

Although you are thinking of the interior details when you are upgrading your apartments, you also want to think about the curb appeal. Touching up the chipped paint and improving your grounds’ signage are good places to start.

Think about adding to your landscape. Decorative pebbles and rocks are a good place to begin since they’ll vary the textures and colors among the plants. Not only that, if the groundskeeper puts them in the right place, they are only going to need some minor adjustments during the year.

If you’re tired of your shrubbery, you can add easily managed and unique perennials. This will brighten up your grounds and make it much more attractive to potential renters.

We hope that you found this to be helpful. Yes, you are going to spend some money upgrading your units. But if it brings in more renters, it will make it worth it.