4 Simple & Affordable Ways to Increase Your Tampa Bay Property’s Curb Appeal

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If you are looking for new renters, one of the things that you want to do is to make sure that your property looks good and catches the eye of potential renters from the street. The good news is that there are some very simple and affordable ways that you can do this. We’re going to look at them below.

Maintain Your Landscaping

When you want to make a good first impression, the best thing to do is make sure the landscaping is done. Make sure the lawn’s mowed and your shrubs are trimmed. You also want to make sure that your flower beds have been mulched and that any spent plants have been replaced. There shouldn’t be any bushes, shrubs or tree branches blocking of the property’s attractive features.

It’s also a good idea to put planters around with bright flowers in them to give people a nice, warm welcome. If the property is fenced, make sure that you’re checking to see if it needs to be stained or painted.

Make Sure Sidewalk Cracks are Cared For

You are probably used to those cracks in the sidewalk. But when someone is coming into rent your property, they are going to notice them. Fixing the sidewalk needs to be a priority, and it’s not hard to do. You’ll need flexible sealant. This durable substance will blend right in with concrete. It’s very easy to apply.

Repaint Your Front Door

Your front door of the property needs to be inviting. Add some new paint to it that contrast or complement the remainder of your property. Glossy finishes will hide smudges. These finishes also keep clean easily. It may take some time to repaint. However, it’s going to make all of the difference.

If your property is smaller, think about painting your door’s trim and shutters. You also can consider replacing the door handles/knobs.

Refresh the Address Numbers

An easy and quick way to give a property a new look is to update the address numbers. A lot like with repainting, the numbers often get weathered as time goes by. Using some metal numbers will last much longer than painting them. It also will add a restored and modern shine to your exterior.

These are four ways that you can increase the curb appeal of your rental property. They are quick and simple, but they can make a huge difference in how many people are interested in your property.

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