4 Tips for Decorating Your Apartment for Thanksgiving


If you live in an apartment and you are spending your first Thanksgiving there, you may be looking for ways that you can decorate your space. Although you may not have as much room as you would in a house, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways that you can make your place look Instagram worthy. Below are four great things that you can use to give your apartment that beautiful autumn look.

Paint Pinecones

This is one of the easiest ways that you can decorate your apartment, and the best thing about it is that it’s low cost. If you are lucky enough to go out walking and find some pinecones along the way, you can pick up some ones that look the best. Then you can bring the pinecones home and simply dip them in your favorite paint color. Put them in a big vase in your living room or simply place them on your mantel for a beautiful and simple look.

Pumpkins & Gourds

One of the things that you see a lot around the fall is pumpkins and gourds. These aren’t just for carving up for Halloween. These beautiful orange veggies look great throughout Halloween and into Thanksgiving. You can find large ones and small ones, and even some unique ones. You can even paint them if you like, or you can leave them the color that they are. Want something really shiny? Why not dip them in some glue and make them sparkle with some glitter? There are a lot of great options out there from which to choose.

Candles & Cranberries

Chances are that you think of cranberries as something that sauce is made from. However, they are also a great option for decorating your home. Put some cranberries in a bowl that’s shallow and put a nice candle in the center. This will give you an inviting, warm centerpiece. If you have a lot of Mason jars, store the cranberries in them and use them for display on your counter in your kitchen or on the mantle if you have one. Their vibrant, bright red color will give your apartment’s Thanksgiving décor some extra spice.


A really great way that you can decorate any room in your apartment is by hanging a wreath. Although they are often put on the front door, that’s not the only place they can go. There are so many different options that you can choose from, so it’s easy to find one that’s the right size and look for you. Or, if you’re creative, you can always make one yourself.

These are four tips that you can use to give your apartment a gorgeous look for the autumn. We hope that you have found this to be useful. Please come back to our blog regularly, because we are always adding new blogs that can be helpful for renters such as yourself. Have a great day and stay safe!