3 New Year’s Resolutions for Tampa Bay Landlords

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The new year is coming up fast, and with the new year comes new tenants, hopefully. So, how do you get ready for the new people who are going to moving into your apartments and properties in 2021? There are three things that you can do as a landlord to help you prepare for your new people who are coming into your properties to make things a lot easier for you and for them.  Below are three New Year’s Resolutions to make for yourself as a landlord.

Get Better Internet

Some of the duties as a landlord, like having your water heater break or having the sprinkler system go on the fritz, can be really frustrating. However, having a good internet service can make it easier to find solutions as well as for doing the things you do every day. Getting a business ISP account will ensure a reliable, fast connection. This means that you will be able to spend a lot more of your time completing the tasks you want to get done than waiting for your Internet to be caught up. It will help keep you as well as your tenants happy because things are going to be done a lot more efficiently and quicker.

Buy High-Quality Business Software

Along with purchasing a better internet service, you also should invest in some high-quality business software. It will help you with keeping up with details. This includes not just the properties but your tenants. Even though you could attempt managing them by yourself, it’s best to get software for the burden.  You will wonder how you ever did without it in the first place.

Do a Declutter

The third thing you want to do is to declutter, especially if you have a lot of paper files. You will prevent the paperwork from becoming lost by using the new software to store it. You also can create a process for any paperwork that remains. Some of the landlords create a digital or physical file for each property and add lease agreements, rental applications, and other kinds of documents to those files as they receive the items. This is a process that can work out well. However, you should also find one that is going to work best for you. becoming organized always should make things more efficient and easier for you rather than more aggravating and difficult.

These are three things that you can do to make things a lot easier for you and for your tenants. But if you don’t have the time or wherewithal to do it on your own, one of the best things that you can do to help you be a great landlord is to hire a property management company.

We have been helping landlords like yourself in Tampa Bay for many years, and we can help you with your properties. Please give us a call with any questions that you have and we’ll be happy to answer them.