what is our leasing process

Our Leasing Process involves the following steps:

1. Market Analysis: We examine similar rentals currently available for rent and provide a detailed rental estimate. Our leasing manager provides you with an up-to-date rental analysis as well as extensive comments and remarks..

2. Inspections and Photos: Prior to marketing your house, have a Pre-Leasing Inspection performed. We discover any concerns that need to be handled in the home and take care of them as quickly as feasible. This procedure ensures that a new tenant’s move-in goes as smoothly as possible, with fewer surprises. Our team of photo experts takes the best possible photographs for your listing once all of the work is completed..

3. Marketing: The greatest marketing in the industry, giving your rental property the most exposure. We use a combination of technology, signs, and our established network to reach out to more people than anybody else in the market..

4. Screening: To ensure that only the best tenants are chosen, a thorough background screening process is used, which includes credit, income, sexual, terrorist, criminal, and rental histories, among other things. Our sources have been verified and accredited. All tenants must be vetted and approved if they are over the age of 18..

5. Move-In: Our staff conducts a thorough room-by-room move-in examination as requested by the new renter. Inspections that have been completed are archived for future review and comparison. Your lease has been signed, and your rental has been removed from the market..

6. Monthly Management: We continue to collect monthly rents, resolve and dispatch repair requests, and monitor lease compliance. Important adjustments and repairs to the properties of the owners are requested. Throughout the leasing duration, we remain in close contact..

7. Weekly Updates: Your allocated lease manager sends you automatic updates and advice every week. Every Monday and Thursday, we go over all of the listings again!.

8. Lease Renewal: The count will be reviewed by our leasing manager 60 days before the lease is up for renewal. New market research is conducted, and negotiations with renters begin. Every year, a new lease is signed with updated conditions and laws. Assuring that you are totally protected and obtaining the highest possible rent.


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