Simple & Efficient

simple and efficient

🌟 We work with the best vendors: giving them additional tasks with every trip at no charge to you. They are on call all the time and ready to tackle any issue

🌟 We hire only the most efficient staff

🌟 We are fully mobile! Access your information anywhere and on any device

🌟 We value our time and yours! We do things efficiently and cost effectively

🌟 We frown upon over spending and over paying for a service! We always shop the best prices by licensed contractors with guaranteed work

🌟 Safety is our number one concern: Your tenant and our staff deserves to be in a safe environment

🌟 All tasks and work orders get uploaded online automatically. It is then verified, approved and sent directly to the licensed vendor to schedule the tasks directly. All this within minutes!

🌟 We are available 24hrs/day & 7 days a week for emergencies

🌟 E-lease and E-renewals with video explanation

🌟 All our leases, invoices, inspections and tasks are uploaded for viewing and download

🌟 Systematic approach with an Organization Manual & Forms

🌟 Our communications skills is our strength. We keep in touch with our tenants and owners

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📞 1-844-707-3773