select your contractory carefully

Select Your Contractors Carefully

-Undertaking a rental renovation is a major project, and so can finding the right contractors to work on it. This step should never be rushed, as hiring the wrong crew could create a lot of hassle down the road.-

here are the seven steps to finding the right contractors for your renovation project:-

• Define your exact needs and seek experts in that particular field.

• Ask them how they communicate and ensure it suits you (do they prefer to call, text or email? how quickly do they get back to you?).

• Obtain multiple quotes to compare (you should at least get three quotes from three different companies).

• Meet with your contractors to get a feel for them.

• Check certifications, references, and reviews.

• Ensure they’re licensed and insured.

• Partner with 10 stars property management services to get advice on the best professionals for the job.


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