maintain a respectful distance

🔻Maintain a Respectful Distance

🔻A good landlord is wary of encroaching on their renters’ personal space. The last thing tenants want is to have their landlord breathing down their neck and scrutinizing every little thing.

🔻It’s your property and you want to make sure tenants look after it properly. We get it.

🔻But by dropping by too often, you might make them feel ill at ease at home. While it’s your right to come and inspect the property every now and then, you should always inform your tenants well in advance, so they know you’ll be coming around and can organize. Also, if you need to do some repairs, discuss it with them and try to work around their schedule to make sure they’re comfortable with you spending some time in their home fixing things.

As a property investor looking to keep their tenants happy, finding a balance between being helpful and maintaining a respectful distance is key.