How Property Managers are making this Service more Profitable!

How Peoperty Managers

How Property Managers Are Making This Service More Profitable:

⭐ Bringing maintenance requests online to cut down on time spent coordinating work orders
⭐ Providing residents with a maintenance contact center for emergencies outside of business hours
⭐ Building an in-house maintenance team to maximize profits from this service, or overseeing maintenance work performed by vendors
⭐ Expanding their offerings into preventative maintenance (beyond the basics), renovations, outdoor services, pest control, and other related areas
⭐ Offering resident services like HVAC filter replacement, garbage pick-up, and a priority maintenance queue that also improve the rental experience
⭐ Charging property inspection fees to owners every 6 to 12 months, with detailed reports and photos to make the value more tangible
A majority of both renters and owners expect property management companies to provide online maintenance ticketing, where residents can submit and track repair requests. Additional tools that help property managers meet their customers’ needs in this area include a maintenance contact center and mobile property inspection tools.


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