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Travel Insurance Plan Details

Vacation Rental Damage Protection Information

 Damage Claim Form

Rental Terms and Conditions

Deposit, Payment and Cancellation Policy
Deposit, Payment and Cancellation Policy The entire stay is due at the time of the booking and/or within 30 days of arrival. All monies paid to date are non-refundable if reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the stay. NO EXCEPTIONS. The COVID 19 situation is a foreseeable event and the risk of travel is known by the traveler at time of booking. We encourage travelers to purchase Travel insurance. If a guest wishes to pay the balance by credit card a 3% processing fee will be added to the total owed. (This is our standard policy if booked direct. If you book through a listing site their payment policy may differ.)
Check in and Check Out
CHECK IN IS AFTER 4:00 PM. CHECK OUT IS AT 11 AM. PLEASE PLAN YOUR VACATION ACCORDINGLY. We will text you a four-digit touch screen deadbolt code around 2:00 PM on day of arrival to the number on file when the home is ready. You will be emailed your final check in instructions 2-3 days prior to start of rental reservation. If you do not receive them, please call our office (813)263-4543 prior to travels. We kindly ask that you not arrive at the home until we have delivered your code and let you know the home is ready for you. Because we have high standards for cleanliness, in high season early check in is usually not available. We appreciate your patience as our cleaners prepare your rental. If the home becomes available sooner and we wish to grant early check in, we will let you know. On the day of check in please have access to your email and/or a phone to receive texts in the US. International customers can receive access info by email on day of check in. Check out requests after 10:00 AM are usually not allowed and will result in ½ day’s rental rate only with prior approval.
Rental Restrictions
Renter must be a minimum age of 21 years to secure and check in to our properties. All guests must be 21 years of age unless they are family members of the renter and accompanied by the renter at all times. Otherwise, you may be asked to leave and forfeit the remaining time of reservation with no refund. Parties must abide by maximum number of guests permitted per unit, if any overnight guests exceed occupancy without prior permission from 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC, the reservation may be cancelled immediately with no refunds.
GUEST AGREES THEY ARE A TRANSIENT TENANT and a TEMPORARY guest in our properties. In the unfortunate event rules are not followed and/or broken or guest creates a disturbance or in the sole opinion of the property management that guests continued stay would be detrimental to the home the guest agrees to vacate the premises immediately upon written or oral notification. Failure to do so is a crime and the Sheriff will be called to evict everyone. All monies paid to date will be forfeited.
No refunds should be expected for mechanical breakdowns. Major appliances such as AC unit, pool heater, washer and dryer, and others are maintained regularly, but mechanical breakdowns are possible at any time in any home. In the event of a breakdown guest will inform 10 Stars Vacation Rental timely. Our maintenance team will expeditiously repair items in the best interests of the property and in a timely manner as to minimize the inconvenience to guests whenever possible. 10 Stars Vacation Rental, at their sole discretion will schedule and be afforded access during regular business hours to perform necessary repairs and/or maintenance. In the unlikely event a home becomes uninhabitable we will refund any unused nights at our discretion or relocate you to another similar stay.

Travel insurance

We highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance. We currently do not offer internal travel insurance. You will need to purchase that on your own from a 3rd party vendor.

Doors, Windows and Air Conditioning
Doors, Windows and Air Conditioning. The thermostat for air conditioning cannot be set below 73 degrees. Likewise, in the rare instance heating is needed we do not allow turning above 73 degrees. We have found this temperature to work for the vast majority of people over many years. In most of our properties the thermostats are limited to within a safe range to prevent damage or overuse of the unit, and intentional or inadvertent misuse. PLEASE CHOOSE AND PLAN YOUR VACATION ACCORDINGLY. It is imperative that you keep shades drawn, utilize the fans in the home, and keep doors and windows closed to increase AC efficiency. Failure to do so will result in higher temperatures, and less efficiency. We discourage leaving windows and doors open at any time as the harsh salt air is very damaging to everything.
Additional Guests
People other than those in the Guest party set forth above may not stay overnight in the property.
Accidents and Injuries
All of the units are privately owned; the owners or 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness from any cause whatsoever, including defects to the premises or otherwise; guests shall indemnify and hold harmless 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC from any and against all liabilities, claims, expense, fees, loss of use of actions of any kind arising out of the guests on the premises that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The owners or 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm or loss arising from their use of the premises.
We reserve the right to refuse service and/or cancel a reservation at any time for any reason. Owner and 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC are not responsible for any loss as a result of our cancellation of rental agreement due to circumstances such as but not limited to transfer of ownership, sale of property, property being removed from rental use, safety and security of property, etc. Further, during a stay if rules are broken or in the sole opinion of the manager guests continued stay would be detrimental to the home guest agrees to vacate the premises immediately and all monies paid will be forfeited.  For protection of your deposit and prepaid rental fees due to unpredictable circumstances, please consider purchasing Travel Insurance. If stays have commenced, there will be NO REFUNDS for unused portion of stay for early departures.

Substitution of accommodations

Circumstances may cause your confirmed rental to be unavailable. We reserve the right to substitute comparable accommodations. We cannot guarantee the confirmed rate in these circumstances, however accommodations and rates will be subject to your approval.

Property Care Expectations
Guest agrees to keep the property and all furnishings in good order. Indoor and outdoor furniture are not to be moved or relocated except for sun lounge chairs. All outdoor furniture is to be put back in place as found prior to vacating the premises.
Appliances and Furnishings

Guest agrees to only use appliances for their intended uses. Our accommodations to standard furnishings requirements, 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC shall not be responsible for providing any additional requested furnishings or equipment not previously agreed to on the reservation listing. Some rental properties require routine maintenance such as pool, pest control, renter agrees to services being rendered while during their stay.

Smoking is NOT allowed inside the units at our properties. Smoking outside well away from the unit is preferred, smoking on lanai, decks and back patio is permitted only with doors and windows shut. If evidence of smoking is found or the unit smells of smoke a $500.00 fee will be charged to the credit card on file.
Many of our rentals are not pet-friendly. Please inquire prior to renting on pet policy of rental. If there is evidence of a petwithout written approval from 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC, Renter may be responsible for additional cleaning cost of rental/furniture as well as a non-refundable pet fee. Only emotional support pets are allowed. Documentation required upon request.
Housekeeping/Cleaning Fee
There is no daily housekeeping service included in your reservation, only a one-time cleaning fee per stay, however for long term stays (28 days or more) we require to clean your unit every 2 weeks. We will charge you the cleaning fee upon reservation. We also offer the option of daily housekeeping; you will have to contact us by email or by phone for a request and a quote. At our properties one set of linens, bath towels for the maximum guest count and pool towels are included in the unit as a rule. Additional towels can be brought by the guest and are the responsibility of the guest. We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the unit with the exception of beach towels, which must be returned to the unit upon checkout. You are responsible for the condition of the towels and/or loss. All beach towels and dishes should be washed prior to vacating the unit. We appreciate your thoughtfulness with this item as it makes a tremendous difference in getting the unit ready for the next guest who may be checking in a few hours after you depart. Also, it prevents tons of wet towels from sitting on the floor. Sheets that are used should be stripped from the beds and placed together for managers offsite professional cleaning.  If excessive wear and tear is found on the property or additional cleaning is necessary due to spills, trash left onsite, unclean dishes, stains to furniture/carpeting, linens, excessive amount of sand/debris- guest authorizes the owner/management company to bill guest for the full amount of cleaning fees, replacement cost or repair.


A deposit of $250.00 will be withheld at the time of booking and/or at least 30 days prior to the stay. Credit card information will be held for damages, excessive cleaning and missing items including keys, parking hang tags and linens/beach towels. Please notify 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC immediately to any damages/repairs to avoid extra charges.

Paper Products and Cleaning Supplies
We typically provide a starter roll of toilet paper for each toilet and one roll of paper towels. There is usually, garbage bags, cleaning detergents and dish soaps in the home. However, this is done as a courtesy and cannot always be guaranteed. Guests are responsible for all garbage bags, paper products, toiletry items, soaps, shampoos, cleaning agents, etc. during their stay.
Kitchen Supplies
This property is stocked with plates, cups, bowls, and utensils for the maximum guest count as a rule. However, neither can be guaranteed as this can fluctuate due to loss or use. We require guests understand that all efforts are made to ensure sufficient kitchen supplies but on rare occasions there could be loss or damage that is not immediately replaced by the cleaning staff or the owner.
Storm and Adverse Weather
If a catastrophe (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire, storm, adverse weather, etc.) or any situation beyond our control impairs the vacation rental, 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC is not responsible for finding alternate lodging for the renter or for the renter’s financial losses related to transportation or alternate lodging. Therefore, we suggest you consider Travel Protection Insurance to secure your vacation investment and eliminate your financial risk.
Weddings, Parties and Other Events

No parties, events or weddings are allowed at any of our properties. Holding an event or party without approval is grounds for immediate eviction and loss of funds.  Most rentals are in residential communities, please be mindful of noise and of pool rules. If the police, owner or 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC is called due to Guests disturbing the peace, we do reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement with no refunds.

Right of Access
Guest understands that the manager of the property may access the property for purpose of inspection, maintenance or other circumstance when deemed necessary with reasonable notification to the guest for purposes of ensuring the safety and security of the property.
Maximum Guest Count and Parking
Guest understands that the maximum guest count cannot be exceeded and exceeding guest count at any time at the property without approval from 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC, the reservation may be cancelled immediately with no refunds. Similarly, guest is limited to 1-2 vehicles parked at any time at our vacation homes and two vehicles at our vacation condos. All vehicles must be parked in driveways or assigned parking spots.
Construction Noise
We can not predict or control construction or other noise related activities around or near our properties. Local municipalities allow for construction noise during certain hours of the day and are the sole regulator. No refunds will be given due to the existence of construction and or noise near, on, next too, or in the vicinity our properties. 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC shall not be held responsible to any type of advance notification to incoming guests, as we do not receive any type of notification of new or ongoing constructions/renovation projects.
Pools and Hot Tubs  
Temperature fluctuations during the year and mechanical breakdowns of the equipment are possible at any property. Some of our pools are heated, most are not, and some are controlled by condo associations. As a rule, we try to heat our pools to 80-85 degrees for pools that have heaters. In the winter guests should expect for the pool temperature to fluctuate and during significant cold fronts and even a few days after heated pools may not be swimmable or comfortable to some. The magnitude of change is dependent on the frequency and severity of cold fronts which is beyond the control of 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC. Similarly, it is common in the summer for pools to at times reach over 90 degrees naturally. Please plan your trip accordingly. Guest understands and agrees that there will be NO REFUNDS due to inclement weather, temperature fluctuations, breakdown of the equipment, or any other circumstance involving pools and hot tubs. 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC will expeditiously repair items in the best interests of the property and in a timely manner as to minimize the inconvenience to guests whenever possible. Hot Tubs at homes that have them are a convenience amenity and not specifically advertised. No Refunds will be given for breakdowns, intermittent service, inoperability, or loss of use. Guest will thoughtfully manage the privilege of Hot Tub heat and turn off when not in use.
Electrical Power, Internet, WiFi, TV’s, Etc:
Internet, Wifi, and Land Line phone service are provided by Spectrum in most of our properties. It is the guest responsibility to contact Spectrum at (855) 222-0102 or (833)267-6094 with any issues involving the service. Spectrum requires someone in the home during the call and will send a signal to the equipment to attempt to troubleshoot issues. If that does not resolve the issue, they will typically send a technician out to repair issues. Often most issues can be resolved by unplugging the cable box, waiting a few moments and plugging it back in to reboot. If that does not resolve the issue DO NOT call our office, call Spectrum to trouble shoot the issue or find out the status of known outages. Most of our properties have TV’s in bedrooms and living rooms. Many owners have chosen to install smart TV’s in the living room and/or bedrooms with ROKU access, Netflix or HDMI streaming capability rather than traditional cable. Location and capability of TV’s can change and are not guaranteed. It is up to each owner to decide which cable package and channels to provide. NO REFUNDS will be given for outages, intermittent service, changes to TV location or any other circumstance involving cable TV, Internet, phone, Etc. Similarly, Duke Energy provides power to our properties. In the event of an outage guest should call (727)443-2641 to find the status.
Mail should not be sent to any of our properties. Mailboxes are the personal private property of the owner and not accessible by guests.
Photos and Descriptions.
10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC attempts to as closely as possible depict the current condition of the property in photos and descriptions. The main intention of photos and descriptions are to communicate general layout of the home, bed sizes and location, and furnishings. 10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC also includes aerial photos to communicate the outdoor spaces. Guest understands that Owners and/or condo associations may add or change furniture, move furniture, add amenities, remove amenities, add artwork, take artwork down, remove televisions, add televisions, change paint color, change flooring, etc. Unless the home, layout, bed sizes or choices are dramatically changed, we will not re-shoot a property. All our properties are fabulous, well reviewed and well received by guests. NO REFUNDS will be given due to minor deviations from online photos or descriptions. Please choose and plan your vacation accordingly.
Tax law changes
In the event of any tax law changes, the guest is responsible to pay the monetary differences that might occur. These changes can affect reservations already paid in full and the guest is responsible to pay the additional fees shall it occur
Changes to Terms and Conditions.
10 Stars Vacation Rental LLC reserves the right to change, add, or amend the terms and conditions at any time. Guest understands the most accurate information is to be found on our website or in the informational books in our properties. Information on our website and/or communicated directly to guests supersedes anything found on listing sites.
Consent form
The guest making the reservation will have to sign a RENTAL AGREEMENT form within 72 hours of booking or at booking time. Otherwise, your booking won’t be able to complete the reservation. By signing the RENTAL AGREEMENT form, you agree to abide by the posted rules of the rental you are staying in, the guidelines below and agree to be responsible for paying all guest charges.
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I recently signed a year lease for a home managed by 10 star property management, and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. From the moment I inquired about the property to signing the lease, the process was incredibly smooth, easy, and stress-free. The staff at 10 star property management were not only helpful but also exceptionally kind throughout the entire process. Their professionalism and attentiveness made me feel confident in my decision to lease with them. I'm looking forward to calling this wonderful home my own for the next year, knowing that I have such a supportive and efficient team behind me. Thank you, 10 star property management, for making this transition so seamless!
10 Stars Maintenance team are all just so amazing !Gordon, Jennifer, Ramsey Diego and Mike they are all attentive, detailed and absolutely outstanding in their service delivered to the clients.Ramsey was so kind, he took my trash can and recycle can out to the curbside for the truck to pick up when they arrive.Just the coolest and best company to do business with !My first contact and interaction was with Fatima and it all began from there. One great experience after another! I will not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a rental or even to make a purchase.I feel very safe and confident with 10 stars being the company I am renting from.Sincerely,Kara
I had a wonderful experience signing a lease with 10 stars. Fatima and Jeannie were very quick and responsive, even with the tons of questions I had. I also like how you can communicate through text. All around great experience!
Fatima and Jeannie went above and beyond in my new home search. I was able to locate, tour, and apply for the new property with such ease not to mention the wonderful communication from them both - I can't speak highly enough of both of these ROCKSTARS! Thank you for all you have done for me, ensuring that I have an easy, peaceful, and seamless transition during my relocation. I highly recommend 10 Stars Property Management to everyone! Stephanie
We've had a great experience with 10StarsHomes in the last year. Between having virtual inspections which were quick and easy, and very quick response for any maintenance requests or questions we had, we are THRILLED to resign our lease with 10 Stars! Highly recommend, especially if you've had issues with landlords in the past.
10 Stars Property Management has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Fatima answered the phone multiple times during off hours when I had questions during my showing. Jeannie has been very clear and communicative via email and text message with what I needed to do in order to move in successfully. The third party concierge utility service they provide free of charge was also very convenient . I would highly recommend renting from one of their properties.
Great company to work with. They made it easy to apply for the home and the move-in process was painless. Whenever I need maintenance they are quick to respond and take care of the issue. Jeannie has been very helpful whenever we need help with something. Would recommend to anyone.
I have had a GREAT experience with 10 Stars! The attentiveness and fast responses to my tenants is fantastic, the level of quality is amazing and customer service is top notch. I have been renting properties for over 25 years and they are they best I have ever used. While I am overseas they take care of EVERYTHING and fees are quite reasonable for this level of service.
I want to give a 5 star review specifically for Jeannie! She’s been so helpful through this entire leasing process with me and even sending me reminders occasionally which are super helpful in the moving process. She’s there to answer any of my questions in a short amount of time and has made this process so easy for me! I will definitely rent again through this company just from this experience alone.
Hello,I wanted to leave a great review for the 10 stars property management worker Kristin! She did an excellent job in assisting me this morning with some issues I had going on! She was very helpful and kind through the whole process! She made my day go way better than I expected! Kristin worked greatly with me and we were able to figure out the situation together!If you have an issues at 10 Star I recommend talking to Kristin! She is a great help!thank you!
10 Star have been over the top! From timely communication to helpfulness- we were able to find our rental so easily and pay /sign everything smoothly. Both Fatima and Jeannie have been so wonderful during this whole process and we are ecstatic to be renting through such a helpful and trusting company!
Kristin at 10 stars Property management company is a great property manager, she waits no time getting work done on her property, she is also decated to her work, so call her now if you need a rental.
Working with 10 stars property has been such an easy process. Everyone at 10 stars property that we worked with were so friendly and answered every question we had. They made sure they were in constant contact with us & Jeannie made sure that we had everything we needed to prepare us for our move in! Thank you for helping us and making this process so smooth!
I've had an exceptional experience with 10 Stars Property Management in Largo. Their cutting-edge technology streamlines every aspect of property management, ensuring thorough tracking and reporting. Their swift response and proactive follow-ups demonstrate their dedication to client satisfaction. With their efficient management, every expenditure is meticulously accounted for, ensuring maximum value for every penny spent. Trustworthy, professional, and innovative, 10 Stars Property Management has truly set the gold standard in property management services.Recommended!!!👍
Kristin from 10 stars property management is the absolute best to work with! They are kind, friendly, and on top of it. Paying rent is honestly a breeze through their app. They are quick to respond for any maintenance requestS. Even apply to rent with them was such a quick easy process. If you are thinking about using them to manage your property, I would 100% use them.
The 10 Stars Mgmt team is truly one of a kind! They treat my properties as if it was their own. Kristin has been incredible with any collection matters, Jeannie is always responsive to my questions regarding tenants, and Gordon is fantastic with keeping the costs down with vendors for repairs/maintenance. The cash flow on my properties have significantly increased after 10 Stars started managing my portfolio!
Second year with 10 Stars Property Management. I just signed my renewal lease, with the uncomplicated assistance from Jeannie.The management team & the Resident Center App make everything so simple. They answer my request, questions or concerns immediately. 10 Stars is not just about collecting the rent. They have sincerely maintained a positive, safe living experience for me.Thank you Jeannie, Kristin & all of the 10 Stars Property Management Team
Great Service!We've been renting through 10 Stars Property Management for a year now and it's been a great experience. Renting with them has been a simple and easy!Kristin & Jeannie have done a great job communicating and reaching out about lease information, weather concerns and warnings, and many other helpful occurrences.Overall my girlfriend and I have been very happy, and look forward to continuing to enjoy our rental in the years to come!
10 Stars Property Management has been great to work with. We have been with them alittle over a year. Kristin always answers my calls, emails and communicates with me. If I have any questions or concerns she is very helpful. We had a refrigerator and microwave stop working. After notifying 10 Stars they were both replaced with brand new ones in a prompt manner. 10 Stars has showed me they work hard to keep their tenants happy. Unfortunately, we will have to move soon. We are confident the move out process and returning of our deposit will go smoothly. I will be writing another review regarding this when the time comes. Thank you Kristin and the 10 Stars team for everything you do!
This is our second year renting with 10 stars property management with Kristin and Jeannie. We feel very supported for the most part. Everyone is quick to respond and find a solution ASAP. We are renting a property in Tampa which is pretty far from their home office in St. Pete, I thought that might be annoying, but I’ve found that they still work hard to take care of us. Anything that needs repaired gets fixed within 2 weeks. I will say, if your A/C is down, they have window units that you have to go get and return yourself. I would certainly recommend this property management team.
We have never rented in Clearwater before, so this was a new experience for us, and thanks to the team at 10 Stars, they made it easy.We were able to see the property within 2 days of booking via a self tour, which was pretty impressive. We loved the house and were able to move in within a week of looking at it!Being an online/hands-off company, I was a little skeptical at first, but that skepticism went away after giving them a call and talking. They walked us through the entire process, and it was pretty painless. Getting the keys and all the information for move in was very easy!We had 2 problems with the house when we moved in, and they got it fixed within 24 hours! I was very impressed by that.Over the first month of living there, they checked in on us during the storms and informed us of important updates via Text and email!The whole process being digital is pretty amazing and we've enjoyed having this company be our "landlord." Cheers!
10 Stars has been managing two rentals for me for the past 3 years, they have kept my rent at market rate and protected my investments. Great owner, Great Staff and Great Reporting System. This company is always looking for ways to expand their services and grow their business and to that end they have provided great customer service. Cassandra asked me to write a review and for them it is my pleasure as they have gone the extra mile for me.
After renting with 10 stars I wouldn’t want to rent with anyone else. Kristin is always on top of things, along with the team. Every office call is answered or returned. As a tenant I couldn’t be happier with my home and the property management at 10 stars! Kristin will check on you to make sure everyone and everything is good. Especially after storms even if you don’t reach out to them, which is very nice. Thank you Kristin and thank you 10 stars for a wonderful job! Happy New Year!
I have rented with this company going on 3 years now. Kristin is awesome and if ever a concern it has been taken into regards and executed. Maintenance, is wonderful. They have really made my renting experience very nice and I look forward to another year with them. 10 stars has a great team on their hands and property management company. 10 out of 10!
I just renewed my lease with 10 Stars and I’m very happy to be staying with them for another year. Kristin has been wonderful and always very accommodating. I recently had someone from maintenance come out and do some work and they did a great job. 10 stars has a good team of people.
I have rented with 10 Stars Property Management for almost a year now. The team is wonderful. They respond quickly and efficiently to any question or need I have had. Everyone, including the maintenance crew, are always friendly and helpful. I look forward to renting with them for another year. Thank you Fatima, Kristin, Jeannie, Jennifer and the others for all that you do to make us renters feel safe and comfortable in our homes.
Working with 10 stars property management has been a very good experience. They are super nice and responsive. I like that I can text them, instead of having to call or email— it’s more convenient for me! And I love living in my apartment. It is a great safe area and a wonderful space for the price. 😊
10 Star Property Management has been amazing! They helped us with securing a spot in a location we really wanted! Communication has been great from the moment we reached out to apply for the apartment! Very grateful for 10 stars knowledge, communication and kindness!
10 Stars Property Management made me feel at ease when I had to rent again after ten years of home ownership. They helped me find my new home, sign up for renter's insurance, and provided great customer service when I had any questions about the lease. They are always quick to answer any maintenance requests and all requests they have completed have been fast and well done. I recommend them to everyone in a heartbeat!
I have rented with this company going on 3 years now. Kristin is awesome and if ever a concern it has been taken into regards and executed. Maintenance, is wonderful. They have really made my renting experience very nice and I look forward to another year with them. 10 stars has a great team on their hands and property management company. 10 out of 10!
Great experience! My wife and I want to thank Fatima for the guidance in the renting process and to Jeannie too, and to Jennifer for helping us to schedule to do repairs and maintenances in the unit, great team. Thank you very much.
When I initially engaged with 10star, I was apprehensive about renting out my property for the first time. Fatima's reassuring guidance and consistent communication throughout the process alleviated my concerns. Despite the inevitable turnover of tenants in this industry, Fatima's unwavering positive attitude and prompt answers have made my experience notably smoother. Thank-you…
Great friendly staff with great customer service. They have made moving into one of their homes a breeze with their quick and easy rental process. They always got back to me in a timely manner never had me waiting too long. Great group of people!
Since 10 star took over the property it's been great. Love being able to communicate any needs and Kristen responding in a timely manner. They make it so easy for us the tenants to be able to make payments and request maintenance. Keep us the excellent work!
We love ten star!They made the move in process so easy for us last year. The home is perfect for our family and they always respond to us in a timely manner!We just recently resigned our lease and we are looking forward to our stay with ten star!
Thanks 10 stars property management for the great job you do, you’re always helping me to figure out when I missed.Since my first time renting, especially from agency was really wondering and scared but with this team agency who works for your interest helping you to understand your right before you move in, helping you with the application I’m renewing my lease for another year, the property is clean everything organized …If I can rate more than 5 stars I would like to give Jeannie 5000* very kind person who resolve an incident I had with some employee as misunderstanding.Thank you to all team of 10 stars property management for the great job you do.
10 Stars Property Management has given my family and I a great rental experience. Everything like, signing the lease, making rent payments, and maintenance request are done online. I highly recommend renting from them.
Jeannie with 10 Stars Property Management was with me every step of the way, filling out paperwork to Utilities, to be sure we hit our move in date!!! Fatima was extremely outgoing, even answered questions while she was on Vacation! Look forward to living in this Awesome FL Community, Stonesthrow Condominiums.
Great property management company. Have been living under their lease for a year and am excited to renew. Maintenance always comes in a timely manner and it’s super easy to get a maintenance request in! They make making payments quite easy and they reply back to any messages very quickly.
They have made the rental process so much easier, with everything done online. Extremely organized and buttoned up company. They don’t leave any stone unturned. And the staff is super friendly and responsive. I look forward to working with them throughout my lease!
10 star I would give 10 Star Property Management! The process was quick and simple and Jennie was so nice and very professional! If you are looking for an honest company to rent from or even manage your property…..this company is definitely the people you want to deal with😍🥰
Going on our 3rd year leasing with 10 stars and are very happy with their customer service. They are quick to resolve any kind of issue and willing to go above and beyond to keep their residents happy. Highly recommend!
The staff at 10 Stars has been amazing. We're moving from out of state and the staff has been super helpful throughout the entire process. They respond to questions in a timely manner & have kept us well informed throughout the entire process. I would recommend them to others.
Just moved into our new home a month ago. Jeannie and 10 stars made the application process quick and easy. We love our home and will continue working with 10 Stars Property Management in the future if we decide to move again.
We love renting from 10 stars. They are so responsive and have answered every question I have had. All maintenance issues were handled pretty fast. No complains about them at all. Been with them for a year and hope to be with them many years to come. Thanks again!!
Have been with 10 stars for 1 years. They've kept open communication and are always patient with inspections. Any maintenance requests we've made have been attended too in the most timely manner and I look forward to spending more years with them.
We are highly grateful that we found 10 Stars Prop.Mngt as this is our first time renting a home. We have been renting going on a year now and opting in for another year. So far moving from out of state they were tremendously helpful with the entire process and made it more than easy. On a personal note, during the recent hurricane they personally reached out to make sure we were okay and safe which meant alot as well as prepping us before the storm hit with tips and updates. I would highly recommend them to anyone as they have be great thus far!
Signing a lease with Ten Stars for the third year in a row. The staff are always easy to work with and professional. Maintenance requests are taken care of quickly and periodic inspections are done without a stranger coming into your home. I highly recommend them.
We loved renting from 10 stars. Special thank you to Fatima, she was so responsive and answered every question, she definitely made the initial move in process so easy and quick. All maintenance issues were handled pretty fast. No complains about them at all.
I had a positive experience working with 10 Stars property management. The staff was friendly and helpful, and they were able to find me a rental that met my needs. The process was smooth and efficient, and I would recommend this agency to anyone looking for a rental.
First time renting an apartment for our oldest daughter going to school. Great experience so far. They answer emails and texts promptly and are very helpful guiding you through the entire rental process. Highly recommend this company.
I am a realtor and have recommended this 10 stars property management to all my clients. They are very serious, follow up and know the trend of the market rent prices. They also have people speaking many languages like french and Arabic. Very useful for my international clientele.
My sister and I have lived in our condo for almost a year now and the property managers have been very attentive to all our requests. They always make sure both of us receive all correspondence and, they even send emails and reminder text messages, which I find very convenient. They always answer our inquiries in a timely manner and ensure that maintenance is completed on a regular basis. The property is very well maintained and the amenities are very nice.We have enjoyed doing business with them and would recommend to anyone looking for a new place to call home!
Just moved into my new place last week. The management company made the whole process super easy and were very responsive to any questions I had. The new place didn’t have AC units when I arrived, but the maintenance person came immediately the next day, installed new units, and even put in preemptive maintenance orders to fix a few other things that he noticed needed attention at the property. Overall, a pretty good move in experience.
10 Stars Property Management was amazing to work with. They responded in a timely manner and did well to serve my family and the owner. One the best rental experiences I've had. Thank you for your Management and service.
Management has been good about getting maintenance scheduled quickly. They keep you informed by text, which I really like, about the when repairs will be made and who the maintenance guy will be. Another thing I like, especially since I live alone. There has been great improvement in their service & communication since they first took over managing these apartments.
Renewing my lease with 10 stars & very happy with how easy it's been with them. Our air conditioning went out a couple months in & instead of just fixing a problem that may reoccur they replaced the whole unit! Never had a problem since! The portal makes everything easy & they are responsive with any questions or concerns. Thank you so much!!
I really did not want to deal with anyone other than the owner of properties BUT my whole process with 10 stars has been super smooth! And really happy to have gone through them. Fatima is amazing, always answered my questions and truly just has genuine customer service. Everything is going great so far. Other company’s make it so hard sometimes to get through to a real person and that was my main struggle. They pretty much always answer and if they don’t they get back to you RIGHT away! Even was able to communicate through text which was helpful. They also got back to me within the hour of my application which was also awesome. And the fact that they are refunding me my application fee because of approval is also another plus!
The people at 10 Stars have been so helpful to me in my moving process. I am new to the whole moving process and have a lot of questions. I have had other companies leave me in the dark about a lot of things, never answering or returning phone calls. But I have to say, I am very pleased with my experience with 10 Stars Property Management. Everyone has been so attentive. A real person even reached out via text after I viewed the house to ask how it went. They have been very responsive through phone and emails to keep me on track with everything I need to do before moving in. They make it easy to make payments and upload necessary documents through an app. They even offer a utilities set up service so I don’t have to try to figure it all out on my own. Great experience!
This is my honest review. NOT PAID FOR, not bribed, this is solely MY experience. We are new tenants and I am beyond pleased with the move in process. We had a minor issue and although I was skeptical due to these bad reviews, everything exceeded my expectations. From the communication to them moving with urgency to fulfill our families needs, from leasing to maintenance, you guys have a great team and I’m so happy we ignored those reviews and gave it try. Thank you 10 stars, we love it here!
We are very pleased with the services of 10 Start property management. We have had a very positive experience living a at the apartment we rent, and because of it I’m renewing my lease contract for the second year.The monthly rent is reasonable, the property is in an excellent location, and it’s very safe and conveniently close to everything.We have not had any issues with the apartment or with dealing with the company. Every experience I’ve had with 10 Stars has been a positive one.
This is my 2nd year renting with 10 starts management. The property is nice with upgraded appliances. I have never had any major problems in the property and the payment and maintenance portal are very convenient. I can setup auto pay to draft from my account so I'm never late. The front office is very responsive and communicates when issues arise. .
I have been with 10 Stars for a few years now under my current rental home. Since they were a very new company under 5 stars. A lot has changed but not the quality of service I’ve received. Any time anything has ever gone wrong, they’ve been here the same day or next day to help. Recently with a clogged toilet due to me accidentally dropping a cap from dry shampoo, they were here within an hour to clear the line and didn’t make a hassle of it.I’m also a fan of having automatic payments deducted for rent so I do not have to worry about manually paying on time. Lastly, and I may be a minority, but I do like this new system they’re trying for their quarterly ac/home inspections as it takes a total of 5 minutes and I don't have to worry about scheduling for a person to stop in.
The property I rent from 10 stars is reasonably priced for the size! The staff has always been very friendly and professional. Any maintenance needed has always been fixed pretty quick. This is my second year with 10 stars and the leasing and resigning process was very easy and quick! Staff has always gotten back within the same day if I have any questions. I nothing but good things to say about 10 stars definitely would recommend!!
I have renewal my lease for a second year and 10Stars has been great throughout this process. I have had positive experiences with 10 Star Management. The online resident portal makes paying rent and submitting maintenance requests easy.Thanks 10 Star for being great.AL Thomas
Going on three years now. Renewing my third lease 10 Stars has been great to me. Very responsive. If the apartment has problems on top of all maintenance and pest control and AC units I love my apartment. I’m very grateful for 10 Star for Allowing me to rent one of their apartments.
10 Stars Property Management made the application process, deposit and steps to set up utilities very clear and super easy. Fatima was very helpful answering any questions we had regarding our lease. Very satisfied with their service and making our move from out of state as smooth as possible.
Moving from Texas to Florida and 10 Stars Property Management has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process. This company has done a great job of making the leasing process easy. Fatima has answered all of my questions in a timely manner and sent me a step by step list of everything I need to complete in order to move in. After each step in the process, Jeannie has sent me an updated list of things left to complete. With this being the first place I'm renting on my own as well as trying to figure this all out from across the country, this has been greatly appreciated and made the process much less stressful for me. They have provided me with everything I needed to make this process seamless. I would definitely recommend leasing through this company!
I have always been able to receive any maintenance needed with my apartment in a speedy manner from 10 stars property. The apartments are reasonably priced and they are great at communicating with their renters. The outdoor area is kept up nicely and they do everything in their capacity to keep the area safe and secure. I am renewing my lease for a second year. It is in a centralized location that makes for easy access to downtown, the beaches, etc. As it becomes increasingly difficult to find available rentals in St. Pete, I appreciate more and more finding and renting with 10 stars.
This is our second year leasing with 10 stars, everyone is very helpful with anything that we need. Maintenance does a wonderful job with making sure we get our request fulfilled in a timely manner. Overall, no problems. Very easy to make our payments through the 10 stars resident portal, which makes it so helpful.
This is my second year leasing from 10 Stars. From the start, Fatima worked very hard to get a particular rental in place for me right before a stressful, long distance move. Jeannie made the leasing process seamless and explained everything. The maintenance staff have always been polite and efficient and have gone out of their way to work around my schedule when possible. My positive experience with 10 Stars makes it very easy to recommend them.
Fatima was so incredibly helpful, especially during a stressful time. She communicated instantly, in detail, and in a way that made the process so much less painless. I even received help on the weekends and after normal business hours. She provided links as needed, was able to help me with submission of documents. The application process itself was one of the most simple I've incurred. Most places want a lifetime of information and do not communicate well. The process of co-applying was made the most simple I've ever experienced. My months-long process should have started here. Very friendly and professional, courteous, patient, and understanding. I can't say thank you enough! If not for Fatima, I would have been lost.
10 stars is a great property management company. Very easy communication portals and responsive employees. They really do make it easy to rent! 10/10 stars!
The company has been very professional and easy to work with. Responses were quick, and all paperwork was done in a timely manner. Most everything was done electronically making it possible to access and get set up without having to leave my office. Very happy with the service and professionalism.
As a tenant going on my second year 10 Stars has provided excellent service in the first year I've been renting through them. The principle responsibility of a management company is how they respond to maintenance requests. Any issues we had were resolved in a timely manner. The online portal is also a big plus.
I just signed my fourth lease with this company and I’m very satisfied with the professional service I have received. They are very helpful no matter if it is a maintenance issue, dealing with HOA, or anything else that I have needed while living here. I always get a fast response from them through text as well!
10 Stars has been so great this last year! Any issues or needs I have the make sure to get back to me as quick as possible with the best solution/resolution! Any maintenance concerns they are on top of! You never have to wait to get a response from them because they are on top of it! So nice and helpful with ANY questions or concerns! Looking forward to another great year!
As a tenant, this company has provided excellent service in the year I've been renting through them. The principle responsibility of a management company is how they respond to maintenance requests, and 10 stars has always been very quick to resolve any issues, even responding on weekends.
10 stars deserves exactly that, 10 stars. We have been renting through them for 3 years and they continue to produce quality customer service. The staff knows what they’re doing and responds to your needs when brought to their attention. Thank you guys!
We are moving into a house from an apartment complex and everyone that we have worked with has been so patient and kind! They’re clear in letting us what they have needed from us and are very quick to respond to our questions. We are very excited to move into our home and look forward to continue working with the management!
My experience with 10 Stars Management has been a positive one so far. The company is great with communication, as well. They have always been friendly and courteous, and have acted quickly with the application process. Everyone is very responsive even on the weekends during their closed hours.Updating on 5/6/22: my experience has not changed. I enjoy living here, and any issues are handled swiftly.
Great management company to work with! Highly accommodating and excellent communication throughout the process, and Fatima is so helpful if you have questions! We are very happy with our home and can't wait to move in!
So far I have had good experiences working with this company. Jeannie has been handling the process of my lease and it has been stress-free. She is very clear about what she needs from me and what the next steps are going to be. I appreciate that they make it easy to call and make sure properties are still available before applying.
Easy and convenient rent pay. Good communication. Would give 10 stars if I could 😏
These guys are great. I was tired of managing my own single rental condo and looked for a management company. I chose these guys over a few others and it was the right decision. They managed every element of the (very necessary) updating and repair work without me even setting foot in the unit. Prelisted it and had a waiting list before the work was even done. And had a tenant in it almost the moment it was ready to rent. Then they managed everything well all year. They're a very responsive landlord so you may spend a little more in repairs than you're used to, but they're good at obtaining a good rental rate to offset it. Everyone in the organization understands customer service and their Maintenance Manager is great. Friendly, willing to spend time with you and explain, and keeps you informed.Recently I felt that it was a good time to sell, and they do that as well. I dealt with the owner directly and he handled everything smoothly. They do a lot of business in the sales market too, and Chant knows what he's doing. He decided to schedule an open house on just about the day we listed it and we came out with 2 offers, 1 above list price. Chant gave sound advice throughout the process and everything went perfectly through close. Got more than I thought we could get too. Highly recommend these guys.
This company has helped me grow into adulthood! I've lived at the property for 4 years now & these are people you want to help you start off your renting experience!! My previous house I rented for 2 years & the landlords didn't do much ... these last 4 years have been nothing but relaxing! Even when you have a problem at home they are there to take care of it as soon as possible !!! thanks again 10 stars !!!!Best co landlords out there ! Even when I don’t know how to report a Maintenance problem they help me out anyways! If I ever have a problem with anything in my home they are pretty quick and mannerly to get it done as soon as possible! I love 5 stars plus!!!A whole year Later and I still love this place so much they are the best land lords ever!!!!
2022 Review update: Lease renewal continues to be very easy and convenient, the price of rent for our home is excellent, and the tenant portal makes payments and requests a breeze. Jeannie has been very quick to respond and super helpful during the renewal process. Thanks!10 stars has been very easy to work with. Renewing our lease was hassle-free and done through email so that we can maintain social distance during the Pandemic. Putting in a maintenance request is very easy to do through the tenant portal and maintenance issues have been dealt with very quickly. When our AC needed to be replaced the staff was very knowledgeable and polite. Thank you!
Showing was easy and fast. The property had a few issues that were quickly resolved once I pointed them out and all done before singing my lease. The renting process was good as well.
We are renting from them currently and they have made the process SO EASY!!!! Everyone has been a huge help, answering questions quickly, providing reminders for steps that need to be taken, and all around just a wonderful group of people!! Highly recommend!!!!Update! It's 2022 and we renewed our lease with 10 Stars! Could not be happier with their service! From maintenance to office personnel, everyone has been a pleasure!
Fatima has been an absolute joy to work with throughout the leasing process! In fact, the entire staff at 10 Stars Property Management has gone above and beyond, and it has been a sincere pleasure working with them thus far. As a result, my wife and I could not be any more thrilled to move into our new home.P.S. This is not a fake review. 🙂
I have had a positive experience with 10 Stars Management. Their online resident portal makes paying rent and submitting maintenance request easy. They are always professional and handle maintenance request quickly.
10 Stars Property Management is great to work with. They respond efficiently, and are very helpful with people like me and my partner who are new to renting. The process was not stressful and ran smoothly. Thank you 10 Stars!
Amazing service. They are always professional and respond quickly. Have been with them as a renter for four years and are always consistent. Well, one more year with them, and service continues to be consistently amazing. Staff is professional and amicable. Extremely happy!!!
10 stars has been great to work with! They made the renting process easy and simplified for my family. I wish other property management companies could follow their lead. 10 stars is a step above and we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience!!
10 🌟 is amazing my experience on moving to Florida was the worst. I had been scam on a home for my family from someone who claimed to be the owner....I found 10 stars threw faith of God. Finally I have a home for my family. They are caring loving people..Very family oriented.. I love you guys thank you sooooooooooo much.. for the love and patience and guidance.. love Harriet..
Found a perfect spot for me and for my sister! I really appreciated to the 10 stars management property people who help me to find this place! Very acknowledgeable about the community, which was very helpful when I was new to Florida! Been 2 years at 10 Stars management property everything was fantastic! ❤️
Great company to work with, detail oriented, great follow-up from Fatima. Has been a very pleasant and going to be repeated experience. No guess work no surprises easy. Jeannie has repeatedly made lease renewal easy and with no hassle.
10 Stars Property Management has been very responsive and very detail oriented with the rental process. Ease of viewing the rental property - appointment was scheduled timely and instructions given were precise and easy to follow. Have always received prompt responses and great customer service!
10 stars property management has been very helpful and responsive to any calls and questions I have had! I have not had one delayed response or any questions go unanswered! Highly recommend them for anyone!
Great customer service. Very responsive and helpful while creating lease agreement. Respond quickly to an property’s issues and maintenance. I would definitely recommend them.
Great value on the rent, for what is included. Quick to respond to messages, very caring and professional I highly recommend they’re amazing and exceptional service! Any issues I’ve had with my neighbors they’ve been quick to address and change. They genuinely care about their tenants. Again highly recommend.
Extremely happy with the service at 10 Stars! They helped me and my fiance find a place to rent quickly and efficiently. And just in time before we have our first baby! Fatima and Jeannie have been such a joy to work with and I am so thankful to have gone through 10 Stars!
10 Stars Property Management has been awesome these past 2 years I have leased one of their properties. They were super helpful with my original lease as I lived out of state and they were able to assist almost everything (everything but my signature) via email/phone. Being a military family, we move a lot so having a caring and helpful management team is a god send. 10 Stars also responds to maintenance requests super fast, always within 24 hours for non-emergencies which is awesome! Our water heater decided to kick the bucket and they had a team come out same day and replace it with a brand new water heater (I have never seen such fast service ever) I look forward to continue leasing with 10 Stars as they are simply the best!
The application and your process was very easy. I was able to tour multiple properties and they were all recently renovated! Also they call back really quickly and have the ability to text them if you need to.
My experience with 10 Stars Management has been a positive one so far. They are quick to deal with issues around the property and have skilled personnel doing maintenance and repairs. We live in an older home that has needed a lot of work the past few years, yet 10 Stars has been able to work around many issues pertaining to older homes to provide much needed replacements of things that had been needing to be replaced for a long time (doors, windows, electrical wiring, etc).I’m particularly fond of the auto-pay feature they have for rent payments. Having one less bill to manually pay is nice.Lastly, the company is great with communication to tenants. They keep us informed about extended closures to their office (extended weekends, holidays, etc), as well as any routine maintenance and inspections they have planned.
10 stars has been very easy to work with. Renewing our lease was hassle-free and done through email so that we can maintain social distance during the Pandemic. Putting in a maintenance request is very easy to do through the tenant portal and maintenance issues have been dealt with very quickly. When our AC needed to be replaced the staff was very knowledgeable and polite. Thank you!
10 start property management did a wonderful job for me in getting my studio apartment. other companies that i tried before don't even come close to the attention and devotion that 10 start puts into what they do. specially Fatima she worked we me till the very last step and then some.I highly recommend 10 start property management to anyone.
I have been working with Fatima at the 10 stars property office for a few weeks on a few different things. I have been to the office and was treated very well. Fatima greeted me with a smile. I know if I call her she will always get back with me quickly and she never acted like I was getting on her nerves . She went above and beyond for me so much that I made this account just to thank her. Thank you Miss Fatima i appreciate you and will probably speak to you soon.
After searching for what felt like forever, we stumbled across 10 stars property management. Fatima and Jeannie are amazing. They have worked with us through every step of the leasing process and we are so excited to have found such an amazing duplex to rent! Self-viewing process was so easy and took a lot of pressure off of us when searching for a unit to live in. Definitely check them out for your next rental!
Best co landlords out there ! Even when I don’t know how to report a Maintenance problem they help me out anyways! If I ever have a problem with anything in my home they are pretty quick and mannerly to get it done as soon as possible! I love 5 stars plus!!!A whole year Later and I still love this place so much they are the best land lords ever!!!!
I just signed a lease with 10 Stars. Jeannie was honestly so great to work with. I needed a quick move in date and she responded to all my questions and concerns on the daily. I can't thank her enough for her patience!! Just called the office today about a maintenance issue and whoever I spoke to was also extremely nice and has someone scheduled to come out tomorrow! I've lived in a few apartments with different managements in the past and none of them were even half as attentive as this staff has been.
My boyfriend and I just leased our new home from10 stars and we are very happy with it. Everyone is very responsive even on the weekends during their closed hours. We love our new home and the professionals we get to deal with while renting! I also love that they are pet-friendly. Finding a home that fits our dogs needs was very important to us and thanks to 10 stars we found it.
Great property management. They made it easy to originally get into the home which is always nice and now I have renewed to rent from them again because I’m am satisfied with the customer service I receive. If i have a issue someone contacts me back & takes care of it right away. I would recommend 10 star for your rental needs
I love the house I’m renting. The space to the appliances perfect fit for my family. Reaching out to them with any repairs. They are quick responding back and for the most part getting someone out to take care of the repair and not only that , someone always follow up.
I’m a tenant in a property managed by 5 Stars Plus Real Estate Services. Both Nadege and Jeannie from 5 Stars have been very nice to work with.November 2020 Update: I’ve been a tenant for the last 2 years and have just renewed my lease for a 3rd year. This management company continues to be great to work with. They have an efficient online process for addressing maintenance requests and are pleasant to deal with.
5 Star Plus has been extremely professional and responsive while I have been renting from them. They are my first experience with leasing. I won't go elsewhere. From start to finish they have been great. And we’re not finished yet! I am very happy with their service and can think of no improvements. Kudos to the whole team, at always making me feel so important! Thank you!
Landlords your property is in good hands. Renters your concerns are important and you will be treated fairly. Been renting for just about a year and happily signing another lease. 5 Stars goes above and beyond and always remains professional and unbiased. Work orders are filled promptly and followed up with accordingly. Easy to pay bills online in one place. Shout out to Jeannie who put up with my negotiations:) I’ve dealt with a few rental companies and none compare to 5 Stars in my oh so humble opinion!
This is an amazing place to rent! Through dealing with Covid 5 Star has been very understanding and informative will be renewing my lease for another year !
My husband and i with our children have been renting this beautiful home through 5 Stars, and we just now signed another years lease with them to stay in this home!I can honnestly say That it has been a very good experience dealing with 5 Stars because they are professional and understanding, and when we have any issue that can come up in any home, we call them or now we use a portal to explain what we are dealing with such as a faucet leaking or toilet mechanism is broken, and things like that, they will not let that linger, but contact us in a very short time to ask us what would be a convenient time for them to sent somebody over to repair or replace that item!Our experience with renting through other management co has not always been pleasant, however because of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Our rental experience has been a very pleasant one, i am happy to share! I would highly recommend them if you are looking to rent out your home or are looking to rent but don’t know where to begin!?They are great to work with and on top of that they’re very pleasant and nice to deal with!Thank you 5 Stars for being the professional company we are all looking for to handle our needs when it comes to renting ,leasing or a company to handle our affairs when looking for renters and needing a reliable co to trust and to work for and with us!😊
I've been renting my home for 10 years now. Recently my landlord hired 5 STAR to manage his properties.I have to admit that I have heard the horror stories about bad experiences of when property management companies take over management of pre-rented properties. However, the transition by 5 STAR was easy and hassle free. Their staff went above and beyond to maintain professional and supportive communication through the whole process and have continued to do so for many months now.My experience with their team has been very helpful and professional. Their online renters portal makes it easy to pay rent and request repairs. Vary pleased with the whole process and I am very much looking forward to dealing with 5 STAR in regards to my home. I've even been giving their information to my friends who have been looking for a house. They stand up to their name. 5 STARS.....
We recommend using 5 stars plus real estate ! We never have any issues, always there to help when we need anything . And also maintenance is always fast ! Been using them for a whole year and about to start our second year!
Very easy to deal with. Responsive and professional. Good communication. Definitely Recommended!
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I just recently rented a home through five stars plus.the house was exactly what I was looking for and within a reasonable price range. The service at five star was spectacular. Highly recommend
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Great value on the rent, for what is included. Quick to respond to messages, very caring and professional I highly recommend they’re amazing and exceptional service!
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Very professional fast responsive real estate company this is the by far THE best! I have never had a more easy/fast/friendly experience with renting these people know how to get stuff done and done FAST! 5 stars all the way!
Fatima and Jeannie have worked tirelessly to get me into my new apartment. They never complain about all my questions and get back to me immediately.
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My sister and I have rented from 5 Star Plus since 8/2017. We enjoy living there. I met the property manager, Nadege and the other staff in person just because of the CS I received on calls. I had to introduce myself to them since I am a people person. They have always been friendly and courteous. The maintenance staff is awesome and caring as well. I love this company, Charlette
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We just moved into a property and had issues with the AC. We put in a maintenance order and received a call within 24 hrs. JP was so nice and professional from the moment he said “hello” on the phone. JP made the process seamless and was very helpful through it all. Got our AC working great! Still waiting on the landlord to approve some fixes, but what JP was able to accomplish has helped immensely. Thanks Five Star and thank you JP!
My duplex was brought out and 5 Star was the new management team. Prior to them taking over there were so many issues that were never addressed. As soon as 5 Star took over it felt like Superman came to rescue me. Everything that was broken was repaired immediately. Everyone I have had the pleasure of speaking with at 5 Star have been awesome. I love their welcoming energy. Feels so good to have a management company that truly cares. Thank you 5 Star.
They are
They handle tenant inquiries with urgency.
I love them.
Love this company, very professional staff always there when needed. Very reasonable rates, they really listen to your needs and wants. l always use them for my real estate needs. Great work guys!
A Very Amazing company I wish I could give 6 stars.